About Our Classes

We offer a wide range of classes to help you in your martial arts needs. We have two training spaces which allows us to split our classes to make skill levels equal. Whether it's simply to get into shape, build confidence and coordination, strength and flexibility or self defense we have a class for you and your family.

Mighty Mite Classes (Ages 3-6)

Our 3-6 year old class, Mighty Mights, is a great way to get Introduced to martial arts. Focus, concentration, listening, respect and courtesy are stressed in order to develop a child's basic learning and motor-skills. The exercise and physical fundamentals are challenging and a great way for kids to gain flexibility, balance and strength. We understand the importance of fun and a variety of activities to maintain high interest and participation. Available at Locations A-B-C-D-E

“The most fun I have ever had losing weight!” — Sue Lamswood, Mother of two

Pre-Teen Classes (Ages 7-12)

Our 7-12 year old students focus on self-confidence, self discipline, respect, goal setting, courtesy and much more. The movements of Tae Kwon Do and self-defense develop coordination and increase flexibility and strength. Our program builds confidence and character by providing your child with control over his/her body and gives them the ability to stand up to peer-pressure and other intimidating situations without using violence. Available at Locations A-B-C-D-E

“Martial Arts is the most exciting all around work out and experience I have ever had.” — Tom Edwards

Teen and Adult Classes

The teen and adult classes work on developing coordination and Increasing strength and flexibility. We emphasize a positive atmosphere in which to learn the movements of Tae Kwon Do, self-defense, build confidence, reduce stress, set goals and get in great shape. This class is perfect for teens and adults of all ages. Available at Locations A-E

“It offers Adults the ultimate blend of fitness and fun !"” — Paul Fuhr

Aerobic Kickboxing & Fitness

This class is based on ten 3 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest between each round,  Each round has a variety of heavy bag yraining and workouts on the floor with plyometric and cardiovascular training. Location A only.

Black Belt Club

The BlackBelt club is a program upgrade here to get you prepared for the Big Test Day. The sooner the better!! These classes include Extreme Breaking (multi board and repetitive board), Weapons (bo staff, kama and nunchuks for demonstration), Advanced Self-defense (intro to hand-to-hand and ground), and Advanced Sparring (high-level of training and condition). Available at Location A only.

“The techniques I learned in the first few weeks just may well have saved my life!” — Lisa Clancy, Nurse

Competition Team

Alexander's Tae Kwon Do also offers a competition team. Students travel all over, competing at World, National, Regional and State competitions, challenging their skills to be the best they can be. Our members have over 70 Titles in these different levels of competition.There are three tiers of participation available, families can choose the competition level to fit their families needs. Available at Locations A-B-C-D-E

Private Instruction

We also offer individual private classes. Private Instruction is offered by appointment. Available at Locations A-B-C-D-E


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